IoT Week 2022

GLOBAL VISION: IoT TODAY AND BEYOND Uncovering the Impact of AI, blockchain, quantum computing, AR/VR, Robotics, and new digital innovations. The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are heavily [...]

IoT Week 2021

NEXT-GENERATION IOT FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE The rising awareness of climate change has caused the popularization of sustainability and the realization that we need to do things not only [...]

IoT Week 2018

THE INTERNET OF THINGS WEEK 2018 BILBAO IoT Week 2018 is coming to Bilbao, Spain from 4th until 7th of June 2018. Mark your calendars for this unique event addressing […]

Fed4FIRE+ at IoTWeek 2022: a report

Several Fed4FIRE+ partners participated in IoTWeek 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. Addressing leaders from SMEs and tech industry, Fed4FIRE+ hosted the workshop entitled “Experimenting Next [...]