Deliv. N°Deliverable TitleDelivery date
D1.04Final ReportM60
D2.01Guidelines on Data Management (pdf)M06
D2.02Federation operations, tools and support (pdf)M12
D2.03Sustainable governance of the federation (pdf)M18
D2.04Testbed requirements, developments and integrations (pdf)M12
D2.05End‐user validation (pdf)M12
D2.06Guidelines on Data Management (pdf)M24
D2.07Federation operations, tools and support (pdf)M30
D2.08Sustainable governance of the federation (pdf)M36
D2.09Testbed requirements, developments and integrations (pdf)M30
D2.10End‐user validation (pdf)M30
D2.11Federation operations, tools and supportM48
D2.12Sustainable governance of the federationM60
D2.13Testbed requirements, developments and integrationsM48
D2.14End‐user validationM60
D2.15Guidelines on Data ManagementM60
D3.01Requirements and specifications for the first cycle (pdf)M06
D3.02Developments for the first cycle (pdf)M18
D3.03Requirements and specifications for the second cycle (pdf)M24
D3.04Developments for the second cycle (pdf)M36
D3.05Requirements and specifications for the third cycleM42
D3.06Developments for the third cycleM48
D4.01TaaS Gap Analysis Report (pdf)M06
D4.02First TaaS Prototype (pdf)M18
D4.03Second TaaS PrototypeM36
D4.04Final TaaS PrototypeM48
D5.01First report on implementation of the Open Calls (pdf)M18
D5.02Second report on implementation of the Open Calls (pdf)M36
D5.03Third report on implementation of the Open CallsM48
D5.04Final report on implementation of the Open CallsM60
D6.01Fed4FIRE+ project web site (pdf)M02
D6.02Fed4FIRE+ Dissemination and Communication Strategy and Plan (pdf)M04
D6.03Fed4FIRE+ Dissemination and Communication Report and Updated Plan (pdf)M18
D6.04Fed4FIRE+ Dissemination and Communication Report and Updated Plan (pdf)M36
D6.05Final Fed4FIRE+ Dissemination and Communication ReportM60

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