Several Fed4FIRE+ partners participated in IoTWeek 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. Addressing leaders from SMEs and tech industry, Fed4FIRE+ hosted the workshop entitled “Experimenting Next Generation Internet Technologies: success stories, challenges and opportunities” on June 23, 2022. The aim of the event was to bring the attention to the added value of federated research infrastructures when it comes to the validation of next-generation IoT and Internet technologies. 

Fed4FIRE+ partners at IoTWeek 2022: highlights from the workshop 

The opening remarks were given by Peter Van Daele, Fed4FIRE+ project coordinator and professor from Ghent University. In his presentation, Peter shed more light on the project and introduced the milestones achieved after more than 5 years of collaboration among European experimenters and testbeds owners.

  1. Built a community of over 150 experimenters
  2. Ensured a low threshold to top-quality experimental facilities 
  3. Brought together more than 25 European experimentation facilities into a validated framework of federated testbeds 
  4. Standardized its components on a global level 
  5. Launch of the Fed4FIRE+ Testbed Portal

Find out more about the project’s success and how its commitment will continue here

The workshop continued with a presentation by Serge Fdida, professor at Sorbonne University. Serge provided an overview of the current ICT testing platforms in Europe and urged a science-driven and large-scale research testing facility to support the design and validation of Next Generation Digital Infrastructures. Watch the full speech:

It then followed a panel session with feedback and insights from three testbed owners who participated in the Fed4FIRE+ projects and several other research initiatives. The panel session was followed by a lively discussion focused on the takeaways and future challenges of supporting experimentation in federated research infrastructure in Europe and beyond.  

The presentations are available here:

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