Put your ICT idea or solution to the test!

Fed4FIRE+ provides a set of tools to enable easy configuration and execution of experimental set-ups on a wide range of Fed4FIRE+ testbeds. These testbeds cover various technology domains, including but not limited to, cloud computing, wireless and wired networking, sensor networks, and software defined networking. Fed4FIRE+ testbeds can be fully operated remotely, where the only technical requirement for experimenters is to have standard Internet connectivity.

If you are interested in using the Fed4FIRE+ facilities to evaluate or characterize your research, development or innovation, our support team is at your service to provide you with the necessary assistance to answer your questions related to the feasibility and applicability of your planned set-up, and will guide you through the process to get you started in no time.

In the scope of Fed4FIRE+ Open Access, usage of our facilities is free of charge – subject of feasibility confirmation by Fed4FIRE+.

Getting Started

Once you have a clear picture on which experiment you want to run (e.g. to test your prototype or product, service or application, a new protocol or process, etc.) and what you would like to test; which parameters or features you would like to investigate, which problem you would like to solve, technology or solution choice you would like to made, etc…. you should get in contact with us so that we can assist you with:

  • Identifying necessary technical requirements derived from your initial idea and
  • Identifying suitable Fed4FIRE+ testbeds to implement your experiment

To get an idea about opportunities for testing by using our facilities, take a look into →demo stories← and get inspired by other external experimenters who used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in the past.

How to proceed?

Experienced experimenters can define needed tests by considering Fed4FIRE+ →documentation← and information about →testbeds←, and  proceed with the experiment preparation by using the Fed4FIRE →tools←.

Or, take advantage of an experienced Fed4FIRE+ support team to help you by contacting us at ›contact@fed4fire.eu‹.

Experiment preparation

In this step, your testing environment will be specified and configured by using the Fed4FIRE+ →tools←. In order to use the tools and configure your experiment, you will have to agree on Fed4FIRE+ →umbrella Terms and Conditions← and in some cases on →local Terms and Conditions← related to testbeds involved in your experiment.

To be able to use the Fed4FIRE+ tools to configure your experiment, you will need to create an account and certificate (see right). If you already do not have one you will have to create your SSH key.

Afterwards, experimenters can proceed with the experiment configuration by using the tools or can contact the Fed4FIRE+ support team at ›contact@fed4fire.eu‹ for further guidance.

To get a Fed4FIRE+ Account and Certificate:

Here, to create SSH Key

To login, sign up, create new experiment, or join an existing experiment:

Experimentation and Conclusion of the Test

In principle, the same tools used for configuration of an experiment in the previous step are also used to execute, monitor, and control a running experiment as well as to collect the experiment results at the end. When needed, Fed4FIRE+ support team is ready to assist you during this phase as well.

Upon completion of your test, we will ask you to help us to improve and promote our facilities in the future by providing us with following feedback:

  • [compulsory] You need to fill out a compulsory →feedback form← on your satisfaction from using our facilities from both technical and support points of view
  • [compulsory] If you publish results that were obtained from our testbeds, a reference to Fed4FIRE+ or the specific testing environment used is required
  • [optional] Provided you are happy with our services, we would appreciate being able to use your case – obviously without any confidential details – to inspire other people. Providing us with a user story to be published on our website, allows others to take advantage of your experience
  • [optional] Keep in touch with us and let us know later on about further development of your product, service, or solution you made based on the testing results you gathered in our federation

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