The testbeds in this list are federated with Fed4FIRE+ in a light or advanced way, and can be used in the Fed4FIRE+ open calls and with a Fed4FIRE+ account:

  • Light: access to the testbed’s resources is realized by exposing a Web-based API. This option does not allow full control over the individual testbed resources, but ensures unified access to experimenters.
  • Advanced: the testbed is fully integrated in the federation so that experimenters can interact with their experiment during all stages of the experiment’s life cycle (resource selection, instantiation, control, monitoring, etc.). This option requires the implementation of the Federation AM API (Aggregate Manager Application Programming Interface) on top of your testbed.


Testbeds usage per Open Call

Testbed CC OC1 OC2 OC3 OC4 OC5
CityLab 3 1 1
Grid’5000 1 3
Ofelia – i2CAT island 2 1
LOG-a-TEC 1 1
NITOS 2 6 2 1
TRIANGLE (former Perform LTE) 1 1 2 1 1
PlanetLab Europe 1 1
Portable Wireless Testbeds 2
SmartSantander 1 1
Tengu 2 2 2 1
Virtual Wall 4 6 4 3 4 2
w-iLab.t 4 1 10 4 1 2

Fed4FIRE Testbeds Portal

Fed4FIRE+ offers a plethora of testbeds in multiple technology domains. You can find and access the testbeds that match your need thanks to the Fed4FIRE Portal, which filters on available testbeds’ technologies, and provides you with a single account to perform experiments.

How to use the Fed4fire testbeds portal

Fed4FIRE+ Experimenter videos

Video interviews with experimenters reveal the advantages of using Fed4FIRE+ facilities to perform experiments and validate solutions. Experimentation was performed using the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds throughout Europe. Here experimenters gave their feedback.

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