The testbeds in this list are associated with Fed4FIRE but not federated: the testbed is listed here, with links to contact information and documentation. This option does not require technical integration with Fed4FIRE. These testbeds cannot be used through the Fed4FIRE open calls.

5G innovation hub north

Together with Ericsson, Telia and Tieto, Luleå University of Technology welcomes you to this open test environment for 5G that can be used by companies, organizations, researchers and students. The 5G test bed is named 5G Innovation Hub North and is available at the Luleå campus in North Sweden. Here we are jointly developing ideas and perform different types of tests and experiments to validate new products and services.

You can find more info at

PlanetLab Europe | EdgeNet

PlanetLab Europe is the European arm of the global PlanetLab system, the world’s largest research networking facility, which gives experimenters access to Internet-connected Linux virtual machines on over 1000 networked servers located in the United States, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. Researchers use PLE for experiments on overlays, distributed systems, peer-to-peer systems, content distribution networks, network security, and network measurements, among many other topics.

Read more about the PlanetLab Europe | EdgeNet testbed here

The Smart Highway

The Smart Highway testbed is a unique facility, which is primarily designed for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication research. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, directly at the heart of Europe, the Smart Highway test site is built on top of a real highway and consists of a highway strip with Road Side Units installed.

Read more about the Smart Highway testbed here.

TENGU testbed

Tengu is a platform for big data experimentation, which allows for scalable streaming, analysis and storage of large amounts of heterogeneous data. Tengu offers access to heterogeneous storage technologies, supports both offline and real-time data analysis components and provides resource and data monitoring tools. Experiment setup configuration is fully automated.

Read more about the TENGU testbed here

TRIANGLE testbed

The TRIANGLE (ex PERFORM LTE) testbed is an end-to-end framework devoted to testing and benchmarking of mobile applications, services and devices. The idea behind the testing approach adopted in the TRIANGLE testbed is to generalize QoE computation and provide a programmatic way of computing it. With this approach, the TRIANGLE testbed can accommodate the computation of the QoE for any application.

Read more about the TRIANGLE testbed here

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