On 9 September 2020 Fed4FIRE+ participated to the “Second opportunity to apply for NGIatlantic.eu Open calls” webinar as invited speaker to present the experimental platforms.

This webinar introduced the NGIatlantic.eu project key features and opportunities, with a deep dive into the details of the Second Open Call, including the EU -US NGI experimental platforms and the topical NGI priority areas where experiments will be funded.

Brecht Vermeulen, from imec and Fed4FIRE+ Technical Manager presented “Experimentation on federated testbeds in Fed4FIRE+”. Brecht gave an overview of the project highlighting two aspects: the federation of testbeds and the open access to resources.

  • through the federation of the testbeds, Fed4FIRE+ users can simply access to multiple facilities, tools and technologies with a single account
  • for research aspects, the testbeds are available free of charge

Another key feature of Fed4FIRE+ is the possibility to execute experiments remotely with new technologies on 65 testbeds around the world.

Experimentation on federated testbeds in Fed4FIRE+ slides can be downloaded here.

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