Short name: LASH-5G
Long name: Latency-aware and self-adaptive service chaining in reliable 5G/SDN/NFV infratructures

Country: Italy

Call: F4Fp-01-L (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-01-20-L


With the advent of SDN, NFV and the comprehensive 5G context, new applications can be conceived (e.g., cloud robotics, smart cities) by dynamically composing (i.e., chaining) computational and network services (e.g., robot balancers, traffic accelerators) deployed as virtual functions (VFs) in distributed micro-clouds located at the network Edge. However, the heterogeneity of the infrastructures, the high dynamicity of services and the geographical distribution of VFs pose new challenges in terms of multi-technology resource control/management capabilities, adaptive usage of resources, and fulfilment of end-to-end latency requirements considering both processing and network delays. LASH-5G goal is to evaluate an enhanced service chaining mechanism toward end-to-end orchestration, aiming at addressing latency, adaptability and availability requirements of 5G applications. The LASH-5G orchestration system exploits heterogeneous resource control/management capabilities offered by cloud and network domains to dynamically provide service chains while (i) optimally selecting VFs over the path that minimizes the overall end-to-end latency, and (ii) promptly adapting established service chains to the current context offered by the cloud and the network domains (e.g., network load, user demands, operator needs). This approach advances the state of the art by (i) considering both cloud processing delays and network delays while addressing latency requirements; (ii) providing adaptation capabilities to address reliability and high-availability requirements. The most important innovation brought by LASH-5G experiment lies in validating SDN/NFV as enabler for a truly end-to-end orchestration aiming at addressing latency, adaptability and availability requirements of 5G applications. Due to combined Cloud and SDN deployments in two different testbeds and thanks to coordinated usage of monitoring and provisioning tools, LASH-5G will provide a valuable feedback on the soundness of Fed4FIRE+ framework. Feasibility of the LASH-5G experiment is guaranteed by the profile of the proposing team, which has a multi-disciplinary background and hands-on experience on the use of SDN-and cloud-based systems.


  • An experimental study on latency-aware and self-adaptive service chaining orchestration in distributed NFV and SDN infrastructures (link)
  • Demonstration of Latency-Aware and Self-Adaptive Service Chaining in 5G/SDN/NFV infrastructures (download the paper)
  • Experimenting latency-aware and reliable service chaining in Next Generation Internet testbed facility (download the paper)
  • Experimenting SDN and Cloud Orchestration in Virtualized Testing Facilities: Performance Results and Comparison (download the paper)
  • Experiments on SDN-based Network and Cloud Resource Orchestration in FED4FIRE (download the paper)
  • Network Orchestrator for QoS-enabled Service Function Chaining in reliable NFV/SDN infrastructure (download the paper)
  • On Experimenting 5G: Testbed Set-up for SDN Orchestration across Network Cloud and IoT domains (download the paper)

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