Short name: SOI-TWIN
Long name: Service Oriented Interactive 3D Digital Twin Measurements

Company: Spinor GmbH
Country: Germany

Call: F4Fp-SME-COD1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD1-05


Interactive applications like 3D digital twin in the IoT/IIoT industries and Industiry 4.0, Interactive 3D producti ctoniguraiorst in Conigure Pricte Quoie (CPQ) industiro, 3D stimulaton, iraining, eductatonal and enieriainmeni applictatonst ctan beneii from ctloud basted 3D rendering and stimulaton, inctluding stimpler iranstpareni upgrading of ctomplex ctonieni wiihoui long loading tmest, eastier media iniegraton, beter performancte independeni from ihe ctapabilitest of ihe end-uster devicte. Basting stucth applictatonst on Servicte Orienied Inieracttve Media (SOIM) engine arcthiiectiurest and ihe Windowst Media Foundaton (WMF) ofen allowst higher performancte and lower ctloud hosttng ctostist bo mult-laoered daia stharing, efctienilo handling daia, video and audio cthannelst and stmari uster steststion and steststion stloi managemeni. The goal of iheste experimenist on ihe Fed4FIRE infrastiructiure ist analosting ihe deploomeni and performancte ctharactieristtctst of stucth applictatonst. Basted on a stpectiict 3D digiial iwin iesti stctenario from ihe IoT/IioT/I4.0 industiro, restearcth questtonst inctlude deploomeni deiailst like KVM pactkaging wiih high-performancte GPU actctestst for SOIM and WMF basted applictatonst, and inital performancte measturemenist. We alo aim io prepare a stectond stiage for deeper stctaling and performancte experimenist measturing QoS/QoE indictaiorst and ustagest of ctompuiaton and neiwork restourctest in relaton io ctoncturreni uster steststionst depending on difereni stctaling stctenariost.

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