What is IoT Lab Testbed?

IoT Lab is a platform for the research on the potential of crowdsourcing and the Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research and experiments with more end-user interactions. IoT Lab is offering a platform bringing together citizens, end-users and researchers to work together and to address real challenges by combining the research community and the wisdom of the crowd.

IoT Lab provides a Testbed as a Service for the researchers. It combines into a common platform the crowdsourcing tools together with several testbeds on the Internet of Things. It provides a unique tool to ease all kinds of multidisciplinary research and experiments. It also facilitates reporting and sharing the most relevant results of the different research activities with the participants.

IoT Lab is composed by different IoT testbeds located in Europe. These testbeds are federated inside IoT Lab and Fed4FIRE using SFA Wrap. The main IoT Lab server is running in Geneva and includes the different required databases. The users of the IoT Lab platform, researchers or the crowd, reach the online services offered by the IoT Lab server through the website and the mobile application.

The original architecture of the IoT Lab online platform is illustrated with the following figure:

Basically, there are four testbeds in IoT Lab and all are located in Europe:

  • CTI testbed located in Patras, Greece
  • UNIGE testbed located in the University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • UNIS testbed located in the University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • MI testbed located in Geneva, Switzerland

Wireless sensors managed by DunavNET and sensors installed into the smartphones are also integrated into the IoT Lab online platform. The wireless sensors are members of the portable testbed. The sensors of the smartphones are considered as mobile resources with the point of view of the IoT Lab testbeds federation.



Cédric Crettaz: ccrettaz@mandint.org
Website: www.iotlab.eu
More details can be found here: https://gitlab.distantaccess.com/iotlab-fed4fire/fed4fire-documentation

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