After having financially supported more than 150 experiments through the Horizon 2020 cascade funding mechanism, Fed4FIRE+ has launched its 9th Open Call for medium experiments.

This Call aims to make Fed4FIRE+’s federated infrastructure directly available for the execution of innovative experiments from SMEs, start-ups, academia and research organisations.

The performed experiments may include but are not limited to testing of new protocols or algorithms, performance measurements or scalability testing. This Call envisages experiments by which existing products or services are tested, implemented or optimized on the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds rather than proposing or developing new ideas from scratch.

Reasons to apply:

  • Possibility to perform experiments that break the boundaries of different testbeds or domains such as wireless, 5G, wired, OpenFlow, cloud computing, smart cities, services, etc.
  • Feasibility check of your proposal by 31 August 2021.
  • Financial support to further exploit your idea up to € 55.000 per experiment.
  • Dedicated support from a Fed4FIRE+ member.
  • Easy and fast process to receive funding.

There is time until 7 September 2021 to submit your proposal.

Discover more about the “9th Fed4FIRE+ Competitive Call – Innovative Experiments | Category “Medium Experiments”.

Fed4FIRE+ is organizing together with a number of NGI-related projects, a live Q&A Session to address all your doubts about the currently active Open Calls.

Don’t miss the chance to learn key insights, receive tips for shaping an effective proposal and meet NGI innovators to foster collaboration.

Stay tuned for more information!

9th Fed4FIRE+ Competitive Call – Innovative Experiments | Category "Medium Experiments"

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