F-Interop is a three years European research project. It is researching and developing online interoperability and performance test tools supporting emerging IoT-related technologies from standardization to market. It intends to support researchers, product development by SME, and standardization processes.

The 2nd F-Interop Open Call is designed to attract projects that test and validate the F-Interop tools and platform, and provide a written report on potential improvements. In addition, the 2nd Open Call will select up to two third parties to conduct plugfest events that will engage even more members of the interoperability and standards development communities.


What will be funded

The financial support to third parties in the second F-Interop Open Call will support R&D for two categories of projects:

  • SME F-Interop assessment reports: F-Interop will allocate up to 10 grants of €10,000 each to SMEs testing the F-Interop platform and providing a written report on potential improvements. Funding will cover testing on the F-Interop platform and preparation of a report. The outcome of this kind of experiment is a report detailing potential improvements to the F-Interop platform.
  • Plugfest Events:F-Interop will select up to two third parties to conduct one or more remote, online plugfest events. The objective of these events will be to involve interop communities to adopt and provide feedback on F-Interop tools for technical and/or syntactical Interoperability tests. €10,000 will be awarded to the third party selected to run an event and another €10,000 will be allocated to the consortium partner that supports this plugfest event. Funding will cover the planning, promotion and delivery of each event, the follow-up with a survey and preparation of a report detailing the results of all the interop tests conducted during the plugfest events.

Find more information and details on the F-Interop Open Call page here >>>

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