All of the positive experimenters’ feedback received from the Open call participants helps us to continue improve testbeds facilities.

Daniele Miorandi, U-Hopper, Italy, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in GoldenOwl project to support their experiment on digital blockchain-based solution for the management of education certificates.

He said “Grid 5000 testbed provided us with an ideal environment to assess the performance of our solution in a realistic yet controlled issues.”

Adlin Ho, Blockchain 5.0 OÜ, Estonia, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in XENO project to conduct a Bluetooth mesh networking experiment using the nodes of the w-iLab.t testbed.

She said “Fed4FIRE+ provided initial startup fund and offered novel testing tools that are easy to use and accessible remotely 24 7”.

Marlon Werkhausen, Fans & Fortune GmbH, Germany, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in GetNextLive project to execute in concert multi-source wi-fi video streaming services.

He said “thanks to Fed4FIRE+ we are able to fine tune our adaptive streaming software to provide the best possible video quality based on quality of experience measurements

Murat Tulgac, ISSD Elettronics, Inc, Turkey, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in Urban-Scaled FCD project to scale up their traffic rule enforcement and dynamic junction management tools to a big data infrastructure for real-time data processing on an urban-scale.

He said “The experience with Fed4FIRE+ was not only the availability of software and hardware but also sharing ideas with people with high knowledge and experience in the topic”.

Thanasis Tziouvaras, Cognitive Innovations, Greece, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in CoPro5G project to prove the concept of cooperative resource allocation for 5G networks in the unlicensed band using virtualized small cells.

He said “Fed4FIRE+ easy to use interface helped to focus on the critical component of the experiment and to advance our solution”

Matic Serc, ELMIBIT d.o.o. Slovenia, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in LoWIntER project to test an adapted LoRaWAN wireless irrigation control solution and to evaluate its resilience.

He said “Our experimentation would be considerably more costly, more difficult and time consuming and it would probably not reveal the additional insights if it was not done in a testbed so from that perspective Fed4FIRE+ really helped us to make a big step in our solution improvement in the most optimal manners”

Dimitrios Zampouras, Dilution, Greece, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in MOTIVE project to significantly enhance the operation of unmanned vehicles when operating under saturated, high traffic wireless networks aiming at providing significant progress on critical information delivery when in critical network conditions.

He said “Fed4FIRE+ gave us the opportunity to test on actual devices, minimize the need to buy expensive hardware to validate our solution, increase our business portfolio and visibility”

Ali Raheman, MRI LTD, United Kingdom, used the Fed4FIRE+ facilities in COVID project to validate their solution to contain the outbreaks of virulent infectious diseases thanks to the novel wearable device.

He said “the participation to Fed4FIRE+ was very valuable, particularly under the pandemic situation, which allowed us to improve our products” 

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