In parallel with the bi-annual calls for various types of experimentation (large, medium, small) and experimental infrastructures, Fed4FIRE+ offers continuous calls for SMEs or any other party who have previously completed an experiment or project benefitting from an NGI project’s Open call.

Discover the winners of the just-closed batch:

  • TIGER “ExperimenTal evaluation of a new IoT board embedding 5G tEchnology in Fed4FiRe+ proposed by (Greece)
  • Physiobot5G “5G Physiotherapist Robot proposed by Canonical Robots (Spain)
  • EXPAND “Extreme PerformANce testing of custom IoT workloaDs proposed by domX (Greece)
  • BICEPS Benchmarking proposed by Easter-eggs (France)
  • FIRE4TALENT proposed by it&People (Spain)
  • neuropil proposed by pi-lar (Germany)
  • ZVC “Prototyping & testing a new Zero Vulnerability Computing (ZVC) paradigm for combating computer vulnerabilities” proposed by Blockchain 5.0 (Estonia)
  • DRX2 “Privacy-by-design Digital Rights Exchange” proposed by Copyright Delta (The Netherlands)
  • Librecast “IoT Software Updates over IPv6 Multicast” proposed by Librecast (France)
  • AM-NVE “Exploring the use of Strongly Consistent Distributed Shared Memory in 3D Networked Virtual Environments” proposed by Algolysis (Cyprus)
  • URL Frontier “Large scale web crawling with URL Frontier proposed by CameraForensics LTD (United Kingdom)
  • S0-SHARED “Blockchain-enabled sharing economy platform for communities proposed by Beia Consult International (Romania)
  • GNU Taler Scalability proposed by Taler Systems (Luxembourg)

Congratulations and good work!

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