The ORCA project hereby announces its first Open Call for Experiments.

This call solicits for Experiments for rapid validation of innovative software defined radio (SDR) solutions using the facilities, SDR hardware platforms and software toolsets supported by the ORCA Consortium.

You can find more information about the ORCA testbeds here.


Project full name ORCA – Orchestration and Reconfiguration Control Architecture
Project grant agreement number 732174
Call identifier ORCA-OC1-EXP
Call title First ORCA Open Call for Experiments
Submission deadline Wednesday the 28th February 2018, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Feasibility and Relevance check deadline Sunday the 18th February 2018, at 17:00 Brussels local time
Webinar for explaining Open Call details and providing guidelines for proposers Monday the 8th of January 2018 @ 14:00 CET

technical feasibility and relevance check is required before submission. This feasibility and relevance check will be carried out by the ORCA members responsible for the facilities, radio hardware platforms, and software platforms involved.

It is essential that the proposing party gets in contact with the ORCA partner in charge of the testbed or software which is intended to be used for the proposed Experiments, to discuss its feasibility and relevance within the ORCA federation and the related specific requirements. Each proposing party must therefore identify a possible Patron either by contacting an appropriate ORCA partner (see section 6 of the Open Call document) or through , in case support is required for selecting an appropriate partner.

The proposing party must submit its draft proposal to the Patron by Wednesday the 18th of February 2018, at 17:00 Brussels local time using the submission portal.  In this draft proposal at least sections A, B and C needs to be fully completed. The feedback will be provided by the Patron at the latest by Monday the 26th of February 2018 at 17:00, and must be copied into section D of the proposal template.


  • Total budget for Open Call 1 for Experiments: 350 000 €
  • Maximum budget per Experiment: 50 000 €
  • Expected number of Experiments to be funded: 7 (3 for the category Scientific Excellence and 4 for the category Industry)
  • Guaranteed support: 28 000 € (An extra budget of typically € 4000 per Experiment will be allocated to the ORCA consortium partner acting as Patron for guaranteed support)

More information on the ORCA web.


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