The Fed4FIRE+ project has launched an Open call to join the largest European federation of testbeds. Testbeds’ owners are welcome to apply with new functionality and hardware.

During its lifetime of five years, Fed4FIRE+ has built and further improved a federation of over 20 experimentation facilities in Europe, covering technologies ranging from wireless, wired, cloud services, and open flow. Through Open calls and Open access mechanisms, the federation is accessible to any experimenter. Until now, Fed4FIRE+ made available top-notch Internet infrastructures, services, and applications to a community that counts more than 100 experimenters from SMEs, industry, academia, and research organizations.

With this last Open call to join the largest European federation of testbeds, the project aims at enlarging its federated research infrastructure with new testbeds bringing facilities to the Fed4FIRE+ experimenter community.

Open Call for Testbeds’ Owners

The Fed4FIRE+ Competitive call for Innovative testbeds addresses testbeds’ owners who can round out the Fed4FIRE+ research infrastructure. For example, thanks to the existing Virtual Wall, Grid5000 or Exogeni testbeds, 10 bare metal servers are already available. However, servers fully interconnected with a 100Gb/s network can bring something extra to the federation and fit the scope of the Open call.

Why you should apply:

  • Make your testbed part of a larger community bringing in new experimenters and opportunities
  • Receive up to €50.000 in funding
  • Make shared use of shared resources, such as the Fed4FIRE+ Portal, and user tools sich as jFed
  • Help experimenters to combine easily multiple testbeds in one or more experiments, including your testbed
  • Your testbed will be mentioned in the Fed4FIRE+ website,  tutorials, and workshops

Find the details to apply on the Open call page

There is time until 15 March 2022 to submit your proposal!

Apply to the Fed4FIRE+ Open call for innovative testbeds

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