20 experiments selected from the Fed4FIRE+ Open Calls have been successfully reviewed.

A new round of reviews of experiments selected from the Fed4FIRE+ Open Calls took place online; 20 experimenters pitched their tests, showcased results and provided feedback on the use of Fed4FIRE+ federated testbeds.

Despite the current Covid 19-related restrictions, innovators from SMEs, industry, academia and research organisations were able to perform trials remotely, accessing state-of-art facilities and funding through the Horizon 2020 cascade mechanism.

The online review is an important moment to share with the Fed4FIRE+ community key insights on cutting-edge experiments in multiple NGI domains as well as provide hands-on feedback to improve Fed4FIRE+ features and tools.

If you are interested to know more about the experiments of Fed4FIRE+ innovators, have a look at: fed4fire.eu/demo-stories

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