The paper titled Demo paper: Whispering to Industrial IoT for converging multi-domain Network Programmability” The paper titled Esteban Municio, Steven Latre and Johann Marquez-Barja was accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM20). July 2020, Toronto, Canada.


In between a fully centralized SDN-on-IoT management solution and a traditional fully distributed one, Whisper stands out as a tradeoff solution that has the robustness, scalability and low-overhead of distributed solutions and the flexibility and programmability of centralized ones. In this demo we present a hands-on experience of how Whisper can be jointly used with traditional SDN solutions, such as ONOS, in order to extend the already existing network programmability in wired domains to 6TiSCH-based Industrial IoT segments. We deploy and test such architecture in real-world large-scale testbeds and demonstrate to be feasible and beneficial to provide an efficient and programmable end-to-end control over a heterogeneous network.

Download and read the full paper here.

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