The first edition of the Fed4FIRE+ Roadshow was organized by the Fed4FIRE+ Consortium, with the support of INESC TEC, the at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto, on 18 February.

The Roadshow goal was to attract local communities including SMEs, academia and industry players interested in executing experiments through open access or via the Open Calls to the federated testbeds on big data, cloud computing, wireless networks, wired networks, IoT and 5G facilities in the Next Generation Internet ecosystem.

During the Roadshow presentations featured the federated testbeds, the Fed4FIRE+ and open calls, testimonials from previous open call and tutorials.

Two sessions of the Roadshow were dedicated to hands-on tutorials, tailored to the needs of the participants. These practical sessions on different topics allowed participants to easily understand how to use the testbed and run their experiment on Wireless, Cloud and wired Networking, IoT and Big Data and Machine Learning.

As Fed4FIRE+ also offers experimenters the opportunity to get supported via a cascade funding mechanism, Prof. Peter Van Daele, Fed4FIRE+ Project Coordinator presented the open calls mechanism, the deadlines and invited participants to consult the project website. Testimonials were given by Portuguese experimenters who had projects funded by Fed4FIRE+.

Fed4AI: Experimental validation of AI models for the prediction of wireless links performance
Allbesmart – (download the presentation)

“Allbesmart LDA is working with the road operator Globalvia in the deployment of C-ITS services in the A23 highway in Portugal. Thanks to Fed4FIRE+ we were able to validate three C-ITS services implementations and test interoperability issues in the Smart Highway testbed before commercial deployment. This had a clear impact on the business development of the company.”
Paulo Marques, Allbesmart

SIMBED: Offline Real-World Wireless Networking Experimentation using ns-3
Dr. Hélder Martins Fontes, INESC TEC – (download the presentation)

“Thanks to the SIMBED and SIMBED+ experiments INESC TEC conducted within Fed4FIRE+ we were able to evaluate and validate the Offline Experimentation (OE) approach, which enables repeating and reproducing past wireless networking experiments using ns-3. The w-iLab.t, NITOS and CityLab testbeds provided controlled and non-controlled radio environments that were of paramount importance to validate the OE approach, providing invaluable results that allowed us to fast-forwarded our research in this area.”
Dr Hélder Martins Fontes, INESC TEC

During the roadshow the NGIatlantic project presented its Open Calls for proposals to carry out high-quality research and innovation activities on NGI experimental platforms, with US-based counterparts. The first call will be launched in April. Through the Twinning Lab, partners from across the EU and US can collaborate to develop plans for joint experiments or demonstrators and submit them to the open calls and the call for External Evaluators.

This event brought together more than 50 attendees coming from academia, SMEs, start-ups and industry from different areas of Portugal.

The workshop proceedings are available for download here below:

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