Over its duration, Fed4FIRE+ funded and supported over 150 innovators validating tangible, safe and trustworthy next-generation Internet applications. The results of the Fed4FIRE+ innovations are now available in the online catalogue developed by the NGI initiative, the European Commission umbrella initiative to foster a human-centric Internet of the future.

Developing an Internet that responds to people’s fundamental needs, including trust, security and inclusion, is a real challenge for research. Nowadays, research deals with an extremely competitive environment with rapidly evolving requirements and heterogeneous features. To address this challenge, Fed4FIRE+ has always been supporting NGI innovators with open, accessible and reliable facilities to test and advance cutting-edge hardware, software and apps solutions.

The insights of the Fed4FIRE+ innovations are now available in the NGI online catalogue, among over 500 solutions financed through the NGI funding mechanisms and supportive actions.

Some examples of Fed4FIRE+ innovation available in the catalogue include:

LASH-5G, the latency-aware and self-adaptive service chaining in reliable 5g/sdn/nfv infrastructures

DDLP, the distributed deep learning platform which aims at shortening and facilitating the deployment time and algorithms

MEC4FAIRFEST, the Mobile Edge Computing solution designed for heterogeneous contents and changeable connectivity performance to optimise the bitrate selection criteria of multiple clients sharing the available bandwidth

The features of the NGI online catalogue

The new catalogue includes a broad range of technology building blocks that can be used in any sector, from health, energy, supply chains, research to responsible media platforms. The searchable catalogue allows for a quick discovery of results covering a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, in several categories, ranging from trustworthy hardware and manufacturing to operating systems, firmware and much more. It also allows the NGI solutions to be easily identified by country, keyword, status and the NGI intermediary project that selected and funded it.

Browse all the tangible technology solutions for the Next Generation Internet here.


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