After 25 proposals submitted for the Open Call 6, 5 experiments (each with a budget of approximately 55 000 euro) were selected to run on this world-leading facilities, according to the guidelines as described in the information regarding OC6.
Besides this Fed4FIRE+ has also selected 7 of its SME-experiments to go for a more extensive 6 month duration and 55 000 euro budget 2nd stage.

These results are very encouraging for the Fed4FIRE+ team and makes now a total of 75 experiments funded since the project started, out of nearly 200 proposals submitted.

For the Open Call 6 – medium-sized experiments:

F4Fp-06-M25 – MOTIVE
Title: tiMe-OpTimized contextual Information flow on unmanned Vehicles
Proposer: Dilution, Greece
Patron: imec

F4Fp-06-M28 – SECTOR
Title: Algorithm to determine a cost-effective, optimal SpatiaL-dEployment for smart-City environmenTal sensOr netwoRks
Proposer: SkyEcho v.o.f, Netherlands
Patron: SmartSantander

F4Fp-06-M30 – MECinFIRE
Title: Evaluation of MEC for 5G Cloud-RAN networks over Fed4FIRE+
Proposer: GRINDET S.A., Greece
Patron:  CERTH

F4Fp-06-M31 – MECPerf
Title: Estimating the Mobile Edge Computing Infrastructure Performance
Proposer: Istituto di Informatica e Telematica – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IIT-CNR), Italy
Patron: CERTH

F4Fp-06-M33 – srsV2X
Title: srsV2X – Testing the SRS LTE-V2X Implementation on SDR
Proposer: Software Radio Systems Limited, Ireland
Patron: imec

For the SME Open Call – Stage 2 experiments:

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M01 – Lucy
Title: IoT & 5G Smart City detector platform Lucy (stage 2)
Proposer: UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Germany
Patron: imec & UMA

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M11 – Fed4AI-Stage2
Title: Experimental validation of AI models for the prediction of wireless links performance
Proposer: ALLBESMART LDA, Portugal
Patron: imec & UMA

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M19 – WRIO Internet OS
Title: WRIO Internet OS: A web 3.0 IoT platform
Proposer: WRIO Ltd., United Kingdom
Patron:  imec

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M21 – DRAFT
Title: Dynamic Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Framework for Trust in IoT
Proposer: Digiotouch OU, Estonia
Patron:  imec & UvA

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M23 – CoPro5G
Title: Cooperative Proactive resource management for 5G in the unlicensed spectrum
Proposer: Cognitive Innovations Private Company, Greece
Patron: imec

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M29 – Wi-Fi HaLow eval
Title: In-depth evaluation of Wi-Fi HaLow technology in real life networks
Proposer: Methods2Business, Netherlands
Patron: imec

F4Fp-SME-Stage 2-06M34 – CityScan
Title: A mobile sensing platform for Smart Cities – CityScan
Proposer: KMB Lab Srl, Italy
Patron: imec

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