Like any other European data controller and processor, Fed4FIRE+ partners have to comply with the obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Two partners of the Fed4FIRE+  consortium, Mandat International and IT Innovation Centre, presented the tools developed to ensure trustworthy federated research infrastructures on the stage of the Privacy Symposium 2022.

Key Insights on Modelling and Automating Fed4FIRE+ GDPR Compliance

Hosting its first edition in Venice from 5th – 7th April, the Privacy Symposium is an international conference that gathers top-level experts to discuss the latest developments in data protection regulations, compliance, and innovative technologies. In this context, Fed4FIRE+ hosted the session “Modelling and Automating GDPR Compliance Management” to present the solutions implemented within the Horizon 2020 project to facilitate GDPR compliance.

Steve Taylor (Research Engineer at the University of Southampton/ IT Innovation Centre) opened the session with an introduction to several risk management techniques opted for regulatory compliance modelling. The presentation continued with Cédric Crettaz (Lead Researcher in ICT at Mandat International) and Adrian Quesada Rodríguez (Project Manager and Data Protection Officer at Mandat International) who displayed the global data processing identifier registry (DP-ID) web application, which stores all the information related to data processing activities.

The presented tools contributed to easing the regulatory compliance of the performed experiments and federated testbeds of Fed4FIRE+. These solutions are interoperable and can be easily combined. You can find more on the dedicated section of the Fed4FIRE+ website.

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