On 27 October Fed4FIRE+ participated in the NGI Communication task force meeting, which brings together the NGI projects communication managers every month.

Fed4FIRE+ aims at reinforcing the liaison with the NGI ecosystem and encourage the NGI innovators to use the federated testbed made available by the project.

Fed4FIRE+ serves the community and supports digital transformation by offering low threshold access to a top-quality Research Infrastructure for a broad spectrum of activities in the IT domain covering a wide range of technologies and supporting application across multi-technology networks”

said Brecht Vermeulen, IMEC – Ghent University, and technical coordinator of Fed4FIRE+ 

Fed4FIRE+ allows innovators to access to its wide variety of facilities free of charge through Open Access. Moreover, experimenters can apply for funding to support their experiments by submitting a proposal to Fed4FIRE+’s Open Calls.

A newly launched series of  Fed4FIRE+ webinars will provide innovators with dedicated information on how to exploit the open and reliable access to Fed4FIRE+ federated facilities and how to execute tests on a variety of technologies with single access all around the world.

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The presentation is available here: Federation of Testbeds for NGI Innovators: remotely experiment with new technologies

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