Fed4FIRE+ and the NGI initiative join forces to present the stories of the Fed4FIRE+ experimenters on the ‘Who’s NGI?’ blog.

Fed4FIRE+ plays an important role in the NGI Community by granting free and top-quality testing facilities to researchers and innovators. Experimental research is crucial to ensure safe and trustworthy NGI solutions, especially in the current fast-changing reality. Until now, more than 120 experimenters validated NGI solutions with the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds, covering IoT to Wired and Wireless Computing Networking technologies.

Fed4FIRE+ is happy to join forces with the NGI initiative to present the stories of the Fed4FIRE+ experimenters on the ‘Who’s NGI?’ blog, the series which portrays the achievements of the innovators building the Next Generation Internet.

Neuropil Experiment

The first blog post features the story of Stephan Schwichtenberg and the fine-tuning of ‘Neuropil’ cybersecurity mesh. Neuropil is an open-source solution that ensures data quality and data transparency while reducing IT costs and increasing reliability. With a Fed4FIRE+ Continuous open call, Stephan Schwichtenberg accessed the research infrastructure. The tests allowed him to iron out some issues towards Neuropil’s production-ready release.

Fed4Fire+ provided us with the necessary testbed to scale and stabilise our product and experience real-time latencies with connections around the globe. The resources provided were instrumental in the further development of the neuropil library and without them, the successful scalability could not have happened at the speed it did.

Read the full story on the ‘Who’s NGI?’ blog.

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