The IoT Lab testbed and the Fed4FIRE+ project were presented during the TM Forum Action Week 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal, on 3-6 February 2020.

This conference encompasses the telecom operators and the communication service providers representing 80 companies and 40% of the communication service providers, so the audience was composed by 200-250 people.
During the presentation, the IoT Lab team presented the activities realized in the context of IoT Lab like the IoT services, the privacy and the security, the test infrastructure, etc. On the same time, Fed4FIRE+ was mentioned as the largest testbeds federation for the Next Generation Internet.

Fed4FIRE+ permits to elaborate different kinds of technical experiments concerning the IoT, 5G and the networks which are now hot topics for the industry worldwide. The IoT Lab team showcased an open API designed to manage the IoT devices; this API was implemented and tested in the IoT Lab testbed in close collaboration with TM Forum.

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