The EMPOWER project has published two White Papers, addressing respectively the EU-US research collaboration and AI/ML in the testing of mobile wireless networks.

EMPOWER White Paper on Sustainability on EU/US Collaboration

This Whitepaper reports the work done to foster the collaboration between the USA and the EC in the Advance Wireless platforms development. The full report is available here: Sustainability of EU/US collaboration (PDF).

EMPOWER White Paper on AI/ML in testing of mobile wireless networks

This paper investigates the motivations for introducing AI/ML in the testing of mobile wireless networks. The rationale for the exploitation of AI/ML in testing is twofold. First, in order to match the demand for an increased flexibility and customisation, the software development process -including testing- must be agile. This can be achieved by adopting AI/ML as a solution. Second, AI/ML can equip future wireless networks with some degree of autonomy. The full report is available here: AI/ML in testing of mobile wireless networks (PDF)

About the EMPOWER project

EMPOWER is a Horizon 2020 funded project, which has the ambition to accelerate the joint development between the EU and the US of advanced wireless platforms targeting the new connectivity frontiers beyond 5G. EMPOWER provides instruments for inducing collaboration between ongoing and forthcoming 5G and beyond initiatives targeting at wireless networks experimentation on both ends of the Atlantic. Through the EMPOWER instruments, the project aims to create an efficient means for stimulating the mobility of ideas and people between European and similar American experimental wireless platform initiatives.

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