To strengthen the liaison between Fed4FIRE+ and NGI projects, a new strand of cascade funding mechanism has been made available. With the biweekly Continuous Open Call, Fed4FIRE+ targets experiments originating from European NGI-projects to perform experiments that break the boundaries of different testbeds or domains, such as wireless, 5G, wired, OpenFlow, cloud computing, smart cities, services, and more.

All the innovators that successfully completed their funded projects within one of the other European NGI projects (NGI Pointer, NGI Assure, NGI0 Discovery, NGI ESSIF-Lab, NGI, LEDGER, NGI DAPSI, NGI TRUST, NGI ZERO, NGI EXPLORERS, NGI0-PET, Ontochain, and TREBLO) can submit a short proposal for a short-duration experiment.

3 reasons to apply:

  • Excellent and novel projects to be experimented
  • Financial support to further exploit your idea up to € 12.500 per experiment
  • Easy and fast process to receive funding

Discover more on how to apply to “SME & NGI CASCADED EXPERIMENTS” Continuous Call!

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