The major objective of the 2nd Fed4FIRE+ Open Call is to make the federated infrastructure directly available for experimenters from SMEs with a limited amount of effort in preparing the proposals and increasing the quality of the experiments.

The purpose of this 2nd Fed4FIRE+ Open Call is to work with a staged proposal submission process:

  • Stage 1: The SME experimenter submits a 3-page proposal after consultation with the required testbeds. These proposals are reviewed by external reviewers and a selection of up to 15 proposals is made. The  selected  experiments  receive  a  budget of max. € 10 000 (SME experimenter) and of max. € 2 500 (for the testbed) to prepare for the next stage.
  • Stage 2: Proposals selected after Stage 1 are elaborated more in detail together with the testbeds, which will be used in the testbed and are submitted for review. Only proposals selected in Stage 1 are admitted. External reviewers make a selection of max. 6 experiments to be funded. Selected experiments receive a budget of max. € 50 000 (SME experimenter) and of max. € 5 000 (for the testbed) to execute the experiment.

The experiments submitted in Stage 1 are innovative experiments with a limited time in order to collect information on feasibility, requirements, challenges, etc. to prepare for the 2nd stage.

The experiments submitted in the 2nd stage are proposals for more extensive  innovative experiments which are built upon the proposals and experiments run after selection in the 1st stage. Examples of such experiments may include but are not limited to testing of new protocols or algorithms, performance measurements, and/or service experiments.

Financial information

Total available funding for the 2nd Open Call:

  • Stage 1: € 187 500 (max. 15 experiments)
  • Stage 2: € 330 000 (max. 6 experiments)

Maximum requested funding per experiment:

  • Stage 1: € 12 500
  • Stage 2: € 55000

Submission deadline

  • Stage 1: 18 September 2017, at 17:00 Brussels local time
  • Stage 2: 12 December 2017, at 17:00 Brussels local time

More information available here.



Fed4FIRE+ is a Research and Innovation Action under the European Horizon 2020 Programme addressing the work programme topic Future Internet Research and Experimentation. The project started on 01 January 2017 and runs for 60 months, until the end of 2021.

The Fed4FIRE+ project has the objective to run and further improve Fed4FIRE+’s “best-in-town” federation of experimentation facilities for the Future Internet Research and Experimentation initiative. Federating a heterogeneous set of facilities covering technologies ranging  from  wireless,  wired,  cloud  services  and  open  flow,  and  making  them  accessible through common frameworks and tools suddenly opens new possibilities, supporting a broad range  of  experimenter  communities  covering  a  wide  variety  of  Internet  infrastructures, services and applications.


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