As successfully started in Fed4FIRE project, Fed4FIRE+ continues to use the Open Calls instrument to simplify the participation of SMEs in the EU funding system by subcontracting from the Fed4FIRE+ project for the execution of experiments. This allows experimenters to perform their trials using the Fed4FIRE+ testing facilities in a very short time following the presentation to the proposal to its acceptance from the project Committee..

The 1st Open Call for SME Experimenters “1st Fed4FIRE+ Competitive Call – Innovative Experiments” categories “Small Experiments” and “Large Experiments” received 13 proposals for large experiments, of which 2 have been approved, and 30 for small, of which 10 have been approved.


  • Aerial Insights: performance evaluation of cost aware aggressive scheduling approaches for multi datacenter computing
  • CLCCross Layer Control (CLC) based on SDN and SDR towards 5G heterogeneous networks
  • DDLP: Distributed Deep Learning Platform
  • Empatia_XXL: Large Scale Empatia Evaluation
  • go-quick: joint experimentation of modern internet application protocols with SDN
  • Ltesched: LTE eNB scheduler performance experiments
  • MEC4FAIRFEST: Mobile Edge Computing for Fair Media Streaming Manifest
  • Mocap: measuring performance of cloud-based platform for interactive TV services delivery
  • POI: PaaS deployment on multi-IaaS
  • UbiMed4k: transmission optimization and performance evaluation of a realtime ultrahigh definition medical collaboration platform


  • lash-5g: latency-aware and self-adaptive service chaining in reliable 5G/SDN/NFV infratructures
  • ThinkINFIRE+: experimentation of an advanced in-store analytics service on Fed4FIRE+

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