Short name: SECTOR
Long name: Algorithm to determine a cost-effective, optimal SpatiaL-dEployment for smart-City environmenTal sensOr netwoRks

Company: SkyEcho v.o.f
Country: Netherlands

Call Stage 1: F4Fp-06 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-06-M28


SECTOR aims to develop a challenging prototype, with which to accurately determine how to automatically deploy an IoT sensor-network in order to make the best coverage and obtain the optimum data-quality. This can only be done in an already deployed, dense network of sensors, such as Santander testbed. There, we can precisely calculate an optimization-index for each location where sensors have already been deployed and correlate them to the quality of the measured sensor-parameter-values (air temperature) for different sensor-configurations. The big challenge is to derive the parameters that indicate how representative the location of a sensor for the area is. The parameters will be calculated from the station-metadata and external data related to: surface vegetation, proximity of tall buildings, distance from the sea and green roofs. From there, a multi-parameter correlation with the temperature will be carried out, which will provide a weighted index for each sensor-location, resulting in a data-quality coverage map.


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