Short name: SCION on Fed4FIRE+
Long name: Deployment and Evaluation of the SCION Secure Internet Architecture on Fed4FIRE+ Testbeds

Company: OVGU Magdeburg |
Country: Germany

Call: F4Fp-05-M (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-05-M02


The SCION secure Next-Generation Internet (NGI) architecture has reached a level of maturity, which renders it ready today for large-scale deployment. SCION is a novel inter-domain routing / SD-WAN (software-defined WAN) approach covering relevant advanced wired networking research topics in areas that are difficult to evaluate on the current Internet such as: multipath communication, advanced and highly secure PKI systems, in-network DDoS defenses, next-generation routing architecture policy definitions, path-aware applications, and path-based inter-domain routing architectures. The main SCION benefits for applications and end users are enhanced availability and reliability. Moreover, increased bandwidth can be achieved thanks to multi-path operation, while path optimization during a connection can result in increased bandwidth and/or decreased latency. Additionally, network providers can benefit from better utilization of network resources through multi-path support and potential cost-savings in leased-line connections.
The main goal of this medium experiment is the deployment and evaluation of the SCION network on multiple Fed4FIRE+ testbeds, specifically GEANT GTS, Virtual Wall, Grid5000, and Exogeni. Our SCIONLab infrastructure facilitates the interaction between different deployed SCION networks and services, whereas SCIONLab nodes themselves contribute to the routing within the SCION topology, thus enabling a broad range of novel path-aware applications. To this end, the aim is to interconnect instances of SCION nodes deployed on the different Fed4FIRE+ testbeds among each other as well as with other nodes in the global SCIONLab network such as within DFN and SWITCH and their associated universities OVGU Magdeburg and ETH Zurich.
The target KPIs with respect to SCION that we plan to evaluate within this experiment on a European scale on top of GTS include network availability and performance (bandwidth and latency), scalability in terms of network size and amount of usage, supported features (PKI, DDoS defense mechanisms, path selection support, end host / application support), and usability.


  • SCIONLAB Research Testbed (link)

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