Short name: SUNSeT
Long name: Seamless URLLC Network Slice of NB-IOT

Company: Cumucore Oy |
Country: Finland

Call: F4Fp-04-M (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-04-M30


The objective of the Seamless URLLC Network Slice of NBIOT (SUNSeT) experiment is to demonstrate the on-demand setup of a network slice for NB-IOT devices following Ultra Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) requirements. Cumucore already demonstrated the usage of SDN to deploy network slices with different requirements. This was demonstrated in SoftFIRE project and the results were documented in a paper presented at EUCNC 18. In this experiment Cumucore proved the usage of SDN to create different network slices to be associated with separated mobile core (i.e. EPC) with own PLMN.
In the recent release of Cumucore product offering, NB-IOT support has been included in the virtualized mobile packet core. Thus, in SUNSeT builds on top of the proven Cumucore Network Slice Manager (NSM) system to dynamically deploy network slices for NB-IOT devices. The network slices will be created on demand based on the requirements in terms of latency and bandwidth defined by the mobile operator for registered NB-IOT devices. The new Cumucore mobile core is extended with NB-IOT support so the network slice can be dedicated for the connectivity of sensors. Therefore, creating dynamically a network slice for NB-IOT devices isolate the traffic and can guarantee URLLC features for selected sensors. The remaining network resources would be allocated to standard EPC to provide basic connectivity. The deployment of SUNSeT only requires a Linux server cable to run Cumucore 5G Core with the NSM connected to off the shelf 4G/LTE eNBs with NB-IOT support.
SUNSeT has clear innovation and technology impact by integrating NB-IOT features with 5G network slice management. Combining network slicing with NB-IOT can guarantee URLLC requirements to sensors demanding low latency or having high reliability requirements. SUNSeT will demonstrate the creation and termination of NB-IOT slice on demand. The service provide has to register in advance the IMSI of the NB-IOT sensors with URLLC requirement to Cumucore User Data Convergence module which has been completed recently . Having all the required components available makes feasible and straightforward the implementation and deployment in a test platform with off the shelf components (i.e. eNBs and Linux servers). Besides innovation impact, it is expected a high business impact derived from the demonstration of optimal usage and allocation of resources to services with.


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