Short name: PiAS
Long name: Passenger Information at Scale

Company: Televic Rail |
Country: Belgium

Call: F4Fp-03-M (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-03-M23


Televic Rail operates in the niche market of designing, manufacturing and maintaining on-board Passenger Information systems for railway systems. In many countries, such passenger information systems are undergoing major changes; From standalone systems with audio-only public announcements made by on-board staff, they are evolving into interconnected distributed systems, relying on and feeding third party data sources. In order to even better support the changing market demands in terms of flexibility and adaptability, Televic Rail has recently completed its latest generation software supporting the reliable delivery of on-board passenger information. The solution consists of two new developments, one situated at the level of the on-board controller (driving a large number of screens and audio components), and one server application situated in the data center of the operator.With a first set of functional tests already carried out on-premises, Televic Rail is now looking for a large-scale testing infrastructure to execute end-to-end tests at scales beyond those that can be tested today. This way, we aim to better characterize the technical behaviour of the solution at the scales that we anticipate will become a reality “tomorrow”. As a first step, the behaviour of communication between the data center and the on-board controller will be evaluated. In a second step, the on-board delivery mechanism will be put to test. In a third and final phase, the entire end-to-end system will be characterised. For Televic Rail, the successful execution is expected to reduce the need for field interventions, produce a quantitative set of data to use for planning and quoting large-scale projects, and will be a proof to our customers that the system can perform at scales and complexity levels beyond those currently deployed in the field.For the Fed4FIRE+ consortium, Televic rail will provide additional insights covering all parts of the experimentation cycle.


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