Short name: RobotWiFi
Long name: RobotWiFi

Company: Zorarobotics NV (Zorabots) |
Country: Belgium

Call: F4Fp-02-Stage1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-02-Stage1-08



Zorabot designs and develops intelligent robots that make people’s lives better. Every Zorabot aims to bring more care, more quality and more comfort to everyone’s daily lives. Everyone is unique and everyone has unique needs. Zorabots make a difference for everyone through personalised assistance and care. Zorabots has currently 3 different types of Robots on the market: Nao for Zora (57 cm), Pepper (120cm) and Billy-Billy, an interactive flowerpot whose goal is to make the lives of elderly people more comfortable and cozy.We currently face similar problems with the wifi of the three robots: part of the robot control is done from the cloud or through a local tablet connected to the same wifi, but we see regular disconnects, while the connection becomes instable at that point. On top of that, Billy-Billy is oriented towards the home market, where the wireless environment is even more variable and instable than in hospitals, companies, etc.With the tests in the wireless lab of imec, we hope to be able to emulate as many different and difficult environments as possible (e.g. make background noise with USRPs) to improve further our products in a reproducible environment.

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