Short name: Percceval
Long name: PERformance EVALuation of Critical Communications

Company: NEMERGENT Solutions S.L. |
Country: Spain

Call: F4Fp-02-Stage1 and F4Fp-02-Stage2 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-02-Stage1-09 | F4Fp-02-Stage2-09


STAGE 1 & 2

Mission Critical Communications are experiencing a drastic evolution, from niche and usually proprietaryPrivate Mobile Radios(PMRs) to standardized ones. First serious standardisation effort was completed past 2016, leading to Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk(MCPTT) suite of protocols in 3GPP’s Rel’13. Standards included call-and floor-control related signalling plane(using SIP/SDP/RTCP-SPP), media plane (AMR-WB on RTP) and anchors to the underlying 4G infrastructure that defined QoS-enabled unicast and multicast bearers management mechanisms.In terms of requirements, MCPTT KPIs associated to delay were specified. Additionally, resiliency and fall-back procedures to be triggered whenever EPC and/or EuTRAN are not available were also drafted and are currently under ongoing technological evolution following 4G=>5G migration paths. Nemergent Solutions is a pioneer SME in MCPTT prototyping and testing of MCPTT standards-compliant solutions, currently providing the most complete MCPTT ecosystem available worldwide. PERCCEVAL aims at making the most of Fed4FIRE+’s testing capabilities to evaluate the performance of MCPTT ecosystem in terms of KPIs (different delays and energy constraints) over both traditional and MEC-enabled >=4G scenarios. Those experiments will not only provide insights of main sources for e2e delay and possible optimization paths but also identify constraints while deploying MCPTT ASs (and underlying IMS core) over MEC scenarios.


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