Short name: UbiMed4K
Long name: Transmission optimization and performance evaluation of a realtime ultrahigh definition medical collaboration platform

Company: sp. z o.o. |
Country: Poland

Call: F4Fp-01-S (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-01-37-S


The objective of the UbiMed4K experiment is to perform multifaceted tests on the operation and performance of the medVC platform. medVC is a cutting edge remote medical collaboration tool enabling realtime audio-video communication between operating rooms, conference rooms and doctors’ offices. Within the UbiMed4K experiment, we aim to evaluate medVC’s readiness to operate in two new and vital domains.The VirtualWall infrastructure will be utilised to assess medVC’s operation in the context of intercontinental collaboration between medical professionals. Using this facility’s configurable setup which allows to create any network topology between the nodes with arbitrary impairments like delay, packet loss and bandwidth limitations, we will simulate holding medVC sessions over such long-distance connections. The PL-LAB testbed will be used to evaluate medVC’s readiness to encode, decode and transmit 4K video, as it provides the availability of 4K/3D streaming sources and 4K/3D projectors. Because of the high demands put on QoS and QoE in the medical domain as well as the realtime video communication, the platform’s compliance to new requirements must be thoroughly tested when entering new domains of application or adding new functionalities. This is the benefit that the UbiMed4K experiment will bring us.


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