Short name: MOCAP
Long name: Measuring performance of cloud-based platform for interactive TV services delivery

Company: CASTOOLA d.o.o.
Country: Slovenia

Call: F4Fp-01-S (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-01-24-S


In the past few years, interactive services based on broadband connection reached different kind of devices, consumed by end users on a daily basis. Technology itself and interactive services development was the main reason for establishing Castoola in 2014with the goal of offering cloud-based platform for serving interactive TV services based on HbbTV (“Hybrid broadcast-broadband TV”) technology. Contents presented by HbbTV can beTV portals,Video-on-demand, interactive advertisements and many other types of services on top of linear broadcast television. Target groups of the platform (clients) are broadcasters and TV operators, which would like to make their broadcast channels or networks interactive by offering additional services to viewers (end users).Most of them are measuring their audience in an “old-fashioned way”with help of industry standard which is based on household sampling. That results with a very unpredictable environment and unknown number of potential users of interactive TV, when integrating the platform for specific client. Apart from ensuring high quality of service and exactly the same experience for all end users, platform performance and scalability are also directly affecting pricing model for the clients. As Castoola never had a chance or possibility to test the platform to its limits, risks have always been present on both of technical and commercial aspects.Within this project Castoola will test the platform and its modules on a large-scale environment with simulating high number of end-users and monitor the performance of separate case scenarios and different types of interactive services. Goal of the experiment is pushing the platform to the limits with the help of Virtual Wall testbed and getting information about limitations and bottlenecks of the platform. Collected information will help Castoola to identify and resolve issues, plan future technical upgrades, optimize the platform and gain direct competitive advantage on the market.


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