Short name: MEC4FAIRFEST
Long name: Mobile Edge Computing for Fair Media Streaming Manifest

Company: Vicomtech |
Country: Spain

Call: F4Fp-01-S (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-01-23-S


HTTP based Adaptive Streaming (HAS) technologies support the dynamic adaptation of media contents delivery to diverse contexts in terms of device heterogeneity, user mobility and network conditions. HAS brings to media players the possibility to select dynamically the most appropriate bitrate according to the connectivity performance. This is particularly interesting in wireless and mobile access networks, which present unexpected and frequent such variations. Mobile users in these networks share a common radio access link and, thus, a common bottleneck in case of congestion, which may cause user experience to degrade. Going further, this client-driven approach where control is distributed over the various clients and each client strives to optimise its individual quality brings some issues. A best effort strategy to take instant decisions could dramatically damage the overall QoE due to re-buffering time and potential image freezes along the quality fluctuations. To address this issue we propose a Mobile Edge Computing solution designed for heterogeneous contents and changeable connectivity performance to optimise the bitrate selection criteria of multiple clients sharing the available bandwidth. Competition for the best connectivity represents a core problem of current and future Packet Core and RAN infrastructures.This action proposes the experimentation of QoS mechanisms in a Mobile Edge Computing environment for live and on-demand DASH and HEVC representing applications that require low-latency ultra-broadband service on top of next generation network testbeds.


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