Short name: GetNextLive
Long name: In-concert multisource WiFi video streaming services

Company: Fans & Fortune GmbH
Country: Germany

Call Stage 1: F4Fp-SME-COD1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD200310-01


“The GetNexTo platformis a solution for artists wanting to be close with their fans. We have introduced aneasy to use and affordable service for live streaming of concerts on GetNextTo,with the automatic recording of videos from multiple cameras,that can be published as VoDs. In our experiment we want to switch to WiFi communication with our cameras, allowing to get the video streams and to send control signals without cables.It might seem that videostreaming over WiFi is not an issue, but in aconcert venue there are hundreds of people with mobile phones with WiFi and LTE enabled, causing interferences.Thanks to the experiment, we will fine tune our adaptive streaming software and validate theQoE of the video.

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