Short name: PAWL
Long name: Precision Agriculture With LoRa

Country: Greece

Call Stage 1: F4Fp-SME-COD1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD200512-03


In our proposal, we plan to investigate the performance of LoRa protocol for precision agriculture scenarios compared to our existing solutions that are based on ZigBee modules capable of extended coverage, similar to LoRa. Our company has been already an IoT solutions provider for precision agriculture purposes, targeting farmers in the greater area of Thessaly in Greece. We plan to extend our knowledge in IoT communication protocols in order to determine the cost-effectiveness of our current products compared to LoRa based solutions. We will use the NITOS LoRa agricultural testbed that offers autonomous IoT nodes that are powered by battery and solar panels. We will integrate our own agricultural IoT nodes in the NITOS testbed in order to have a side-by-side comparison of LoRa and our ZigBee-based solutions in a realistic environment.

Through our experiments, we will try to assess the performance and cost-effectiveness of LoRa next to the ZigBee technology, based on various transmission, measurement and interval parameters. Additionally, we will conduct experiments with LoRa serving as the backhaul network, in order to understand what the benefits or drawbacks are when using LoRa gateways instead of 3G/4G ones. The realization of these experiments will provide us with insights into LoRa as an IoT technology and its feasibility in our use-cases for adoption in our company’s IoT products. Moreover, the outcome will help us finalize our services and products by offering reliable IoT nodes focused on precision agriculture applications.


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