Short name: FVT
Long name: Forensics Visualisation Toolkit

Company: ZELUS P.C.
Country: Greece

Call: F4Fp-SME-COD190723 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD190723-01


Better preparation and testing of a service leads to a better and more robust commercial service/solution that will be able to meet customers’ needs a priori and will ensure the growth and sustainability of a startup company. Zelus has already developed an advanced visualization mechanism for digital forensics that increases the situational awareness of a security expert by analyzing and presenting security events, alarms and critical performance indicators. Preconfigured views are populated with essential data facilitating the forensic analysis for detecting and documenting the course, reasons, culprits and consequences of a security incident or rule violation.

With this in mind, we would like to take advantage of the opportunity to experiment with testbeds available through Fed4FIRE+, simulating real customer conditions about their varied needs and their differentiation in size and requirements. In these experiments it is possible to parameterize the variables and lead to quick and documented conclusions that could not be produced in any other way except by trial and error, with possible financial impact. Our goal is, through the two Stages approach, to make enhancements and improvements to our security service before the commercial launching of our service.


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