Short name: FRIDA
Long name: Financial Research Involving Data Analysis

Company: Teiichi Capital Tech
Country: Spain

Call Stage 1: F4Fp-SME-COD1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD200324-01

Call Stage 2: F4Fp-SME-2 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-STAGE 2-08M03


Teiichi Capital Tech is a fintech that has developed a distributed cloud platform for processing financial data, taking decisions and executing operations in real time, fully automated, using cutting edge AI algorithms. The company intends to scale the platformto process up to +16.000 financial instruments, so it is needed to optimize and validate the evolution of the platform, which has a critical impact on our business. The objectives are:-O1. Measure and compare the performance of the message broker and network while scaling up the volume of messages processed.

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