Short name: DRX (Stage 1 of DRX2)
Long name: Privacy-by-design – Digital Rights Exchange

Company: Copyright Delta BV
Country: The Netherlands

Call Stage 1: F4Fp-SME-COD210119  (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD210119-05


We are building a decentralized privacy-by-design digital rights exchange enabling real-time royalty administration, transparency compliance and copyright intelligence for the music industry. Content and copyright owners can host and control their own data, while also being able to connect their copyrights in real-time, resulting in real-time insights and royalty payments. All owners have verified digital identities, including privacy-by-design artistic aliases.

With this, we can solve a huge gap in the audio-visual value chain (music, podcasts, games, VR, video). Our solution is the result of a close collaboration with music creators, industry partners, and streaming platforms aimed at solving their collective needs. For the next stage, we want to make it easy for copyright owners (like publishers) to host their own nodes on external data centers. But most likely we have to facilitate this for them. This experiment will be executed on Grid’5000 testbed.


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