Short name: CReAT (stage1 of DRAFT)
Long name: Cyberattack Readiness Assessment of IoT Platforms

Company: Digiotouch OU |
Country: Estonia

Call: F4Fp-SME-COD1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD1-02


The current IoT market lacks a comprehensive assessment of resilience to cyberattacks for the IoT Platforms and devices. The major objective of CReAT is to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity resilience framework for cyberattack readiness assessment of the IoT Platforms. Digiotouch proposes to utilize Fed4FIRE+ federated infrastructures to execute three simulated and known cyberattacks to test the developed framework on our Cloud-based Paradise IoT Platform.

The experiment stems from the requirements of our clients aiming to connect massive numbers of IoT devices. Also, for business growth, Digiotouch aims at ensuring highly secure, resilient, and trusted web services for its next-generation products and services. The experiment will test the cyberattack readiness of the Paradise Platform against three attacks – DDoS (with at least 10.000 IoT devices from four Fed4FIRE+ testbeds), insufficient authentication/authorization, and insecure Cloud web services.

The outcomes of CReAT will be sustained by (i) developing a cybersecurity certification framework for IoT devices and Platforms in Stage 2 of this call, (ii) commercializing CReAT by upgrading the security features of the Paradise IoT Platform. The experiment results will be disseminated through one conference and provide feedback to the Fed4FIRE+ consortium for the sustainability of the facilities, tools, and procedures.


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