Short name: 5GinVivo
Long name: 5G Infrastructure-associated network application for vertical industries performance evaluation

Company: Fogus Innovations & Services P.C. |
Country: Greece

Call: F4Fp-SME-1 (see call details)
Proposal number: F4Fp-SME-COD191203-03


5GinVivo will design and run end-to-end performance tests by exploiting features of the Triangle (ex Perform LTE) platform related to automation, monitoring, and visualisation. The major objective is to devise a new performance metric (on top of 5G-PPP KPIs) and an add-on reporting interface for quantifying the performance fingerprint of a NetApp to its underlay 5G network. To this end, the Patron’s platform will be enhanced by a) expanding its reporting and monitoring modules (to include the QoE perspective), and b) adding the FOGUS WAN emulator (to include the transport network’s impact). In parallel, the experimentation process is expected to enrich the FOGUS service portfolio, by providing insights for upgrading the FOGUS Media tool with the capability to trace the service provisioning chain and automatically identify and unblock performance bottlenecks. The full set of the experimentation results will be provided openly to the NetApp development sector, with the aspiration that they will contribute to the business modelling of the emerging market between the infrastructure owners and the service providers/tenants.


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