Event name / material name Start Date Event web site Activity event material type Papers / presentation title Download Link Authors
Fed4FIRE - GENI Research Experiment Summit (FGRE 2015) 2015-07-06 link - Tutorial Various tutorials co-organised between US GENI and EU Fed4FIRE projects on US and EU testbeds link - Brecht Vermeuelen
Chinese test beds to join worldwide federation promoted by Fed4FIRE 2015-01-13 link - Tutorial Fed4FIRE Tutorial Days "How to use worldwide federation techniques" link - Brecht Vermeulen
2014 IEEE 19th International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD) 2014-12-01 - Workshop
- Proceeding
Reputation-Based Trust in federated testbeds utilizing user experience - A. Kapoukakis
- Georgios Androulidakis
EuCNC’14 2014-06-23 - Presentation
- Workshop
- Proceeding
Workshop: "Testbeds for the Networks & Communications community: an untapped potential” Title of the presentation: Federation of Internet experimentation facilities: architecture and implementation link - Thijs Walcarius
- Felicia Lobillo Vilela
- Dai Davies
- Anastasius Gavras
- Alexander Willner
- Al-Hazmi, Yahya
- Loic Baron
- Piet Demeester
- Wim Vandenberghe
- Brecht Vermeulen
- Chrysa Papagianni
Training webinar 2014-06-04 link - Tutorial Introduction to Fed4FIRE link - Wim Vandenberghe
Pre-FIA workshop - FIA Athen 2014-03-17 link - Workshop The Testbed Interoperability Workshop has been organized in cooperation with the OpenLab project in Athens, 17 March 2014, as one of the pre-FIA workshops at the Future - Halid Hrasnica
GENI-FIRE Workshop 2013-10-14 - Workshop • Benefits of federation • Challenges in federation • Action items link - Piet Demeester
- Wim Vandenberghe
FIA Dublin 2013-05-07 link - Tutorial Fed4FIRE training session and open calls workshop link - Wim Vandenberghe
- Piet Demeester
- Anastasius Gavras
Enabling the OneLab Facility 2013-02-06 link - Workshop 2nd OpenLab workshop - Enabling the OneLab Facility Fed4FIRE - General Introduction - Wim Vandenberghe
- Piet Demeester
FIRE Engineering Workshop 2012-11-06 link - Workshop Towards an integrated portal for networking testbeds federation, an open platform approach - Serge Fdida
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