The paper “Assessing MANO Performance based on VIM Platforms within MEC Context” presented by Fed4FIRE+ project coordinator imec, IDLab research group, Sint-Pietersvliet, 2000 Antwerp by the authors Nina Slamnik-Kriještorac and Johann M. Marquez-Barja was accepted at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM20) July, 2020. Toronto, Canada.


The network edge presses an urgent need for efficient network management and orchestration (MANO), in order to efficiently cope with the wide heterogeneity in services and resources, while providing a low-latency for the hosted services. Based on ETSI standardization, the MEC platform can be managed and orchestrated by NFV MANO components. In this demo, we show how to measure the impact of the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM), which is a component of the NFV MANO, on the performance of the MANO system. In our testbed-based experimentation, we evaluated the performance in terms of time needed for a MANO system to instantiate/terminate a network service on top of the MEC platform. Open Source MANO (OSM) and Open Baton are used as MANO entities, while for the VIM environments we investigated the impact of OpenStack and Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the above- mentioned OSM, and the impact of OpenStack and Docker on Open Baton.

Download and read the full paper here.

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