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3rd Fed4FIRE Competitive Call for SME Experimenters -

Fed4FIRE is organizing its 3rd Competitive Open Call for Innovative Experiments by SMEs.


  • Submission:                    12 May 2015, at 17:00 Brussels local time
  • Feasibility check:          29 April 2015, at 17:00 Brussels local time

For more information visit the

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Fed4FIRE facilities are available for free through Open Access. You can easily test your software systems on any combination of resources from various wired, wireless, sensor, cellular, Openflow, cloud computing or Smart City testbeds. MORE

Join the Federation

The Fed4FIRE federation continuously evolves as new testbeds emerge with novel functionalities. Each testbed has the choice to be included following one of the following federation options:

  • Associated: the testbed is listed on the website, with links to contact information and documentation. This option does not require technical integration.
  • Light: access to the testbed’s resources is realized by exposing a Web-based API. This option does not allow full control over the individual testbed resources, but ensures unified access to experimenters.
  • Advanced: the testbed is fully integrated in the federation so that experimenters can interact with their experiment during all stages of the experiment’s life cycle (resource selection, instantiation, control, monitoring, etc.). This option requires the implementation of the Federation AM API on top of your testbed. MORE
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